• Normal Route EXT · Equipment


    Light underwear.
    Long underwear. Underwear and turtleneck. Polypropylene or capilene, cotton is not recommended.
    Pile lining. Jacket or sweatshirt.
    Trousers with pile lining. Side zippers are recommended to guarantee comfort and ventilation.
    Warm jacket. Down or thinsulate, with a hood, expedition type, it must be comfortable to wear over other clothes.
    Waterproof jacket / transpirable. It must have a hood. Suggested: Gore-Tex
    Waterproof trousers / transpirable. Suggested: Gore-Tex. We recommend side zippers to guarantee comfort and ventilation.


    Head Gear
    Sun hat. Visor and bandana or handkerchief to protect the neck area.
    Balaclava . Suggested: polypropylene or capilene.
    Wool or pile ski hat.
    Head lamp (spare bulbs and batteries).
    Glacier glasses: 100% UV, with side cobres. If you use contact lenses or glasses, we recommend you bring an extra pair. Suggested: Cebe, Julbo, Bolle and Ray Ban.


    Thin gloves. Two pairs, pile or polypropylene.
    Mittens. One pair, pile, down or wool.
    Gore-Tex overmitts. We recommend shell palms. Suggested: Outdoor Research Expedition Modular Mitts or Wild Country Extremities.


    Foot wear
    Trekking shoes.
    Mountain boots. Double plastic boots. Suggested: Koflach or Assolo.
    Gaiters. Gore-Tex, Cordura.
    Thick socks. (3 pairs) woolen or synthetic, for cold weather.
    Thin socks. 2 pairs of smooth wool, nylon or polypropylene, to be worn closest to the skin. This reduces blistering.


    Climbing Equipment
    Ice axe: Light ice axe. The size is important: if you are 1.7 mts, use a 60 cm tool; 1.7 to 1.9 mts, use a 65 cm tool; if you are more than 1.9 mts, use a 70 cm tool.
    Crampons. We recommend 12 point crampons. Not Footfangs or Simond Scorpions or Grivel Rambo.
    Ski poles. One pair of telescopic or collapsible, optional.


    Camping Equipment
    Backpack: UIT an internal structure of, at least, 70 lts. It must have ice axe haul loops and a place to attach crampons.
    Sleeping Bag: Expedition quality, of at least -18°C (0°F). A good quality down sleeping bag of 1 kg is better.
    Thermal Mats: Neoprene or Therma Rest.
    Plate, cup and silverware: Unbreakable for high altitude camps.
    Pocket Knife: Swiss or Leatherman tool.
    Water Bottle: Two one liter wide mouth water bottles, one liter thermos.
    Sun screen: Sun cream and lip screen SPF 20-40.
    First Aid: Personal First Aid Kit.
    Personal Hygiene: pee bottle, wet towels, soap, etc.


    For the Journey
    Large duffel bag: Big enough to be able to transport all your equipment. Safety lock.
    Small duffel bag: To store excess equipment at the hotel.
    Plastic bags. For pack clothes and keep dry.
    Clothes for the journey.
    Hygiene bag.
    Photographic equipment. Optional

    Some of these items can be rented at INKA.