• Normal Route Extended

    This 20-days program was designed to increase the summit success of climbers that need an extra acclimatization. And also you can get two summits climbing Mt. Bonete (5000 mts.)
    About the Route
    The normal route is technically easy. The hard part is the height. This is why we are so careful with the acclimatization. The approach to Plaza de Mulas is a long distance of about 40 km. We are also used to making acclimatization trekking to Plaza Francia, the Base Camp of the Southern Wall. It takes us three days to get to Plaza de Mulas and there make a trekking to Mt Bonete (4900 mts) to reach a better acclimatization and to enjoy a unique view of the Aconcagua . After that, we start the climbing to the Summit. Our suggested program is set for two days of double equipment porting and security. When the last stage begins, we go higher and higher until we reach the summit. In the Aconcagua , sometimes the presence of a white wind difficults the ascent, this is why we use the security days, increasing the chances to reach the summit.

    Route map

    1) Penitentes
    2) Aconcagua Park Entrance
    3) Confluencia
    4) Plaza Francia
    5) Plaza de Mulas
    6) Summit
    Day 01 · Mendoza
    Day 02 · Penitentes
    Day 03 · Confluencia
    Day 04 · Plaza Francia
    Day 05 · Plaza de Mulas
    Day 06 · Plaza de Mulas
    Day 07 · Mt Bonete
    Day 08 · Plaza de Mulas
    Day 09 · Carry to Camp 1
    Day 10 · Plaza de Mulas
    Day 11 · Ascent to Camp 1
    Day 12 · Move to Camp 2
    Day 13 · Carry to Camp 3
    Day 14 · Ascent to Camp 3
    Day 15 · Summit day
    Days 16 and 17 · Reserve
    Day 18 · Plaza de Mulas
    Day 19 · Return to Mendoza
    Day 20 · Mendoza
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