• Aconcagua 360º

    The ascent through Valle de Vacas and the descent through the Normal Route is an original program that offers a complete view of the highest mountain of America , allowing you to enjoy the magnitude of the mountain and its splendor.
    About the Route
    The expedition is made via a route which is a combination between the Polish Route, the Ameghino Traverse, Upper Guanaco and the Normal Route.
    It all begins with a two day trekking through Valle de Vacas up to Plaza Argentina Base Camp. After preparing everything we will start the ascent trough the first part of the Polish Route up to Camp 1. Then we will make the traverse of Cerro Ameghino up to Camp 2. From there we will go to Camp 3 via the upper part of the Valle de Guanacos Route, and finally we get the summit by the last part of Normal Route. The descent is made via the Normal Route.
    This route will allow you to see a unique landscape: the magnificence of the Polish Glacier and the greatness of the Andes; and most importantly, it will allow you to have a better acclimatization and thus more chances to reach the summit.
    The descent by the Normal Route will take us to Plaza de Mulas, Aconcagua´s biggest Base camp. Then we will go on a trek towards Laguna de los Horcones from where you can see the different faces of Aconcagua. 

    Route map

    1) Penitentes
    2) Aconcagua Park Entrance
    3) Confluencia
    4) Plaza Francia
    5) Plaza de Mulas
    6) Summit
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    Day 01 · Mendoza
    Day 02 · Mendoza / Penitentes
    Day 03 · Penitentes / Pampa de Leñas
    Day 04 · Pampa de Leñas / Casa de Piedra
    Day 05 · Casa de Piedra / Plaza Argentina
    Day 06 · Rest day at Plaza Argentina
    Day 07 · Carry to Camp 1
    Day 08 · Ascent to Camp 1
    Day 09 · Carry to Camp 2
    Day 10 · Rest day at Camp 1
    Day 11 · Ascent to Camp 2
    Day 12 · Carry to Camp 3
    Day 13 · Ascent to Camp 3
    Day 14 · Summit day
    Days 15 and 16 · Reserve days
    Day 17 · Descend to Plaza de Mulas.
    Day 18 · Return to Mendoza.
    Day 19 · Mendoza
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