• Access & Permits

    Entrance permits for ascent and trekking need to be acquired personally in the city of Mendoza.
    How to Proceed
    1. Fill out the registration form. Print it out together with the bank deposit slip.
    2. Pay in bank (adresses in the form).
    3. After making the payment, you will be able to obtain the permits at the Visitors Center (Subsecretaria de Turismo), sited in 1143 rd San Martin Ave., Mendoza City.
    Office hours
    Monday to Friday 8AM to 6PM
    Saturday and Sunday 9AM to 1PM
    Note: No permits will be sold on December 25 and January 1st.
    Minors are not allowed to enter the Park during the restricted season.
    Validity of the permits:
    Ascent 20 days
    Short Trekking 3 days
    Long Trekking 7 days
    Your permit’s validity starts on the date you enter the Park, which will be written on your permit at the checkpoint in Horcones or Pampa de Leñas.
    Trekking Permit
    This permit only authorizes the visitor to reach the base camps, i.e., to ascend to a maximum altitude of 4300m above sea level.
    Visitors who wish to ascend beyond this altitude or to walk around the Aconcagua need to purchase an ascent permit.
    Minors under 14 years are not allowed to enter the Park. Minors between 14 and 21 years must present special documents to obtain permission to enter the Park.
    Ruta de la Vieja Alta, Fondo del Valle and Plaza Guanacos: Only ascent activities are allowed on this route due to its difficulty and isolation. Trekking activities are not permitted on this route